HBO Max’s Titans & Stargirl Crossover Gets Discouraging Update from Critics

HBO Max's Titans & Stargirl Crossover Gets Discouraging Update from Critics

HBO Max’s Titans & Stargirl Crossover Gets Discouraging Update from Critics



The first wave of reviews for Titans Season 4 Part 2 teased the HBO Max show’s upcoming crossover with Stargirl.

The unexpected crossover was first teased by a set photo from Titans which revealed some Blue Valley High School signage, the high school where Stargirl‘s Courtney Whitmore is attending.

Stargirl actress Brec Bassinger eventually confirmed that such a crossover will happen when she posted a behind-the-scenes photo of herself alongside Titans star Ryan Potter. Plot details from the episode are still being kept under wraps, but it was teased that it will heavily involve Beast Boy.

Titans Season 4 Reviews Tease Stargirl’s Role

HBO Max's Titans & Stargirl Crossover Gets Discouraging Update from Critics
HBO Max’s Titans & Stargirl Crossover Gets Discouraging Update from Critics

The reviews for Titans Season 4 Part 2 emerged online ahead of the show’s premiere on HBO Max, and it featured a disappointing update about the series’ highly-anticipated crossover with The CW’s Stargirl.

Twitter user @StargirlWiki first uncovered that some of the reviews pointed out that the “cameos” are a “few seconds long,” indicating a brief role for Brec Bassinger’s Courtney Whitmore:

“Reviews for the final episodes of #DCTitans are in, and according to some, the “cameos” are only a few seconds long and have more glimpses than anything else. Let’s keep our expectations low, but still, tweet like hell about #DCStargirl, because the execs will be watching!”

However, @StargirlWiki was optimistic when she responded to a fan’s concern about the brief cameo, saying that the fact that Bassinger is present to film her scenes suggests that her appearance is longer:

“Yeah, that’s my thinking! They could have used stock footage of her like they did in the CWverse cameo (that lasted 3 seconds) but her being there to film gives me just a little bit of hope!”

Meanwhile, Entertainment YouTuber Tyler Calvert offered his thoughts about the upcoming crossover, confirming that the character will indeed appear in the Beast Boy-centric episode and the pair will “interact with one another:”

The cameo for Stargirl is in this episode that involves Gar. It is very fun seeing the two of them interact with one another. Seeing the worlds collide if you will.”

Calvert also reminded fans to temper expectations about Stargirl’s appearance, describing it as “very much a cameo:”

“Temper your expectations though, it is very much a cameo. There is an extended sequence that follows Gar in the same episode but I think DC fans are going to be very hyped for, without giving any more details away.”

BobaTalks offered a brief tease of what to expect in the Stargirl crossover, describing it as “awesome:”

“I know everyone has been anticipating the Stargirl crossover in this episode. So um, Stargirl, okay. Awesome.”

Neil Vagg of Get Your Comic On shared an in-depth review of Titans‘ crossover episode, noting that it is “easily one of the best episodes of the series” and a “fantastic love letter to Gar:”

“As for Ryan Potter’s debut story credit for the series… ‘Dude, Where’s My Gar?’ is fantastic. Easily one of the best episodes of the series and one of the finest hours of DCTV ever. It’s a fantastic love letter to Gar and all that he has meant to fans. It revisits moments from his past to give context which has always sadly been missing. It also allows Potter the breathing space to do some of his finest work on the show.”

Interestingly, the review didn’t offer many details about Stargirl’s appearance, potentially confirming that the character’s presence is not substantial to the overall plot. However, Vagg did praise the “headline-grabbing cameos:”

“Plenty will be written about the headline-grabbing cameos (and there are many!) in this episode. But underneath all the bells and whistles, fantastic as they are, this really is Potter’s standout moment and he deserves all the credit for fighting for this moment to happen. As for those cameos… I was on the edge my seat and nothing can prepare you for that first watch.”

What Is Stargirl’s Role in Titans Season 4?

The latest reviews for Titans Season 4 indicated that Stargirl’s appearance in the crossover is brief, which could be potentially similar to the character’s presence in the Arrowverse’s Crisis On Infinite Earths event. During that CW special, Stargirl only appeared for five seconds to establish that the show is set on Earth-2.

However, the fact that Brec Bassinger was present on set to actually film scenes for Titans suggests that Stargirl’s role is more than seconds. Instead, a full-blown sequence involving Courtney and Beast Boy could be shown, which likely features action and fun moments.

In fact, Bassinger is going out of her way to promote the upcoming crossover, with the actress even teasing that this version of Stargirl could be from the same Earth as Titans. This brief marketing tactic could be the actress’ way of reigniting fan conversation ahead of the episode.

While Stargirl’s brief role is disappointing for diehard fans of the character and The CW series, seeing Bassinger’s portrayal one more time is already a win and a proper goodbye could be in the cards.

Titans Season 4 Part 2 is set to premiere with a two-episode slate on HBO Max on Thursday, April 13 before the Stargirl crossover follows on April 20.

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