Netflix Announces New Pokemon Show Reveal Date

Netflix Announces New Pokemon Show Reveal Date

Netflix Announces New Pokemon Show Reveal Date



Fans now know when they will get their first look at Netflix’s upcoming Pokemon series.

Pokemon becomes just the latest classic video game series to move into a new kind of media format after The Last of Us and The Super Mario Bros. Movie, even after nearly three decades of animated series, multiple movies, and countless video games like Pokemon Go.

Netflix first took a stab at a Pokemon story in 2019 with Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution, a remake of the original Pokemon movie from 1999, before taking a step forward into more original stories from the classic anime adventure.

Netflix’s Pokemon Show Gets New Update

Netflix Announces New Pokemon Show Reveal Date
Netflix Announces New Pokemon Show Reveal Date

The Netflix Anime Twitter page announced that the upcoming series, Pokémon Concierge, will be shown off on July 1 at the Netflix panel during Anime Expo 2023 in Japan.

This panel will take place at 3:15 pm Japanese time in the Main Events room during Netflix’s J-Content Presentation.

Netflix shared a first look at this show in a short reveal teaser from February, highlighting the Pokemon Resort that will welcome the franchise’s titular creatures as guests.

The show will highlight a concierge at this resort named Haru along with her interactions with Pokemon and their trainers that come to the resort for their vacations.

It features a concierge at the Pokémon Resort, Haru, and her interactions with Pokémon and their Trainers visiting the resort as guests.

How Will Netflix’s Pokemon Show Add to Franchise Legacy?

With Pokemon continuing to push out new live-action and animated projects regularly, this new series will bring a new flavor to this series after seeing live-action projects like Ryan Reynolds’ Detective Pikachu.

While it’s still unclear if it will fit into the greater Pokemon universe or tie into anything else from a canon perspective, the Pokemon themselves look to be the starring players as they get their own vacation resort.

Before 1999’s Pokemon: The First Movie, a short called Pikachu’s Vacation showed the franchise’s core animal-like heroes all hanging out together and getting into some wild antics at a day camp for Pokemon, which could be similar to what happens in this series.

And while details on the plot for Pokémon Concierge are scarce right now, this presentation at the start of July should help provide more insight into what fans can expect from the story along with a potential release timeframe.

The Anime Expo 2023 will take place in Japan from Saturday, July 1 to Tuesday,  July 4.

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