Happy St. Patrick’s Day 15 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs Shirt

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And his movement to defeat right-wing nationalism and throw it in the trash where it belongs. Bernie will win the popular vote. Trump will win the EC, again. Many moderates will vote for Trump because they’re terrified of Socialism. Let’s just pray we take back Senate this time. Otherwise federal and supreme courts will forever be full of right-wing operatives. I’m not from the Happy St. Patrick’s Day 15 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs Shirt but I think a country needs a blend of socialism and capitalism but Bernie very far left so maybe many moderates even in Democratic Party be afraid of that, interesting election year anyway for usa! Struggling with the fact that there’s no mathematical path for any Democrat to win the Presidency and with the fact that not even your vote can stop Trump from being re-elected. Bernie is the first politician in US history, Democrat or Republican, to win the first 3 states primaries.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 15 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs Shirts

ladies tee
ladies tee
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longsleeve tee

The election will look just like the British one just gone. it will take the Democrats 10 years to recover from the huge loss. very likely getting a second generation trump. Edgecomb, you’re looking at the cure and blaming it for the affliction. why do you think someone like trump got in? cos democrats have become insufferable, so with a 2 party system, when one party becomes unstable, people will automatically turn to the lesser evil. you should be getting angry at the Happy St. Patrick’s Day 15 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs Shirt democrats becoming socialist nut-jobs, not for a freedom-loving nation trying to correct its very rapid leftist slide. Sanders changes parties as many times as he changes his underpants, Sanders couldn’t beat Trump last time and history will repeat itself. It is your last race Bernie but you’ll come in the last time afraid. Sanders is the clear front-runner of the democratic party, it’s time for the moderates to mobilize around Bernie Sanders.

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