Nurse Heart Detroit Red Wings shirt

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Course we’ve got it.’ I know for a fact that the only Stevie Wonder single we have at the moment is ‘Don’t Drive Drunk’; we’ve had it for donkey’s years and have never managed to get rid of it, even at sixty pence. What’s he playing at? I go out the front to see what’s going on. Barry is standing there, smiling at him; the guy looks a bit flustered. ‘Could I have it then?’ He half-smiles with relief as if he were a little boy who has remembered to say ‘please’ at the very Nurse Heart Detroit Red Wings shirt last minute. ‘No, I’m sorry, but you can’t.’ The customer, older than I first thought and wearing a cloth cap and a dirty beige raincoat, stands rooted to the spot; I didn’t want to come into this noisy dark hell-hole in the first place, you can see him thinking, and now I’m being messed about. ‘Why not?’ ‘Sorry?’ Barry’s playing Neil Young, and Neil has just this second gone electric. ‘Why not?’ ‘Because it’s sentimental, tacky crap, that’s why not. Do we look like the sort of shop that sells fucking ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You,’ eh

Nurse Heart Detroit Red Wings shirt

longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee

Now, be off with you, and don’t waste our time.’ The old guy turns around and walks out, and Barry chuckles merrily. ‘Thanks a lot, Barry.’ ‘What’s up?’ ‘You just drove a fucking customer away, that’s what’s up.’ ‘We didn’t have what he wanted. I was just having some fun, and I never cost you a penny.’ ‘That’s not the point.’ ‘Oh, so what’s the point, then?’ ‘The point is, I don’t want you talking to anyone who comes in here like that ever again.’ ‘Why not? You Nurse Heart Detroit Red Wings shirtthink that silly old duffer was going to become a regular?’ ‘No, but . . . listen, Barry, the shop isn’t doing so well. I know we used to take the piss out of anyone who asked for anything we didn’t like, but it’s got to stop.’ ‘Bollocks. If we’d had the record, I would have sold it to him, and you’d be fifty pee or a quid better off, and you’d never have seen him again. Big fucking deal.’ ‘What harm has he ever done you?’ ‘You know what harm he’s done me. He offended me with his terrible taste.’ ‘It wasn’t even his terrible taste. It was his daughter’s.’ ‘You’re going soft in your old age, Rob. There was a time when

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