Supreme Majin Buu shirt

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Something to fight about – must be an Supreme Majin Buu shirt up. Ross Martindale, What was the government’s excuse? Eh sorry, we’ve been a bit busy with Brexit and forgot about the rest of the Empire…er the Commonwealth. Holmstrom John Ross Martindale no we bought the island for 3 million so you ain’t getting it back. Pretty good excuse to me..  Ruth Hennell Holmstrom John chucked all the people off and now they have no homeland, pretty unethical. Vee Abbass As a Mauritian British, I pray that the UK does not return the Island and my reasons are: Mauritius did wrong to the innocent people of Chagos. If they get it back they will continue to do wrong again and give the island to the Indian. Shuoyu Yin Vee Abbass lol funny no wonder that’s how ur country colonize other countries before

Supreme Majin Buu shirt

longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee

Supreme Majin Buu shirt. The UK has already evicted the Chagossians from the islands (and the UK isn’t letting them back onto the island). Hard to see how Mauritius could do worse with the islands than the UK is doing. Jack Dorman Don’t worry. When it comes to doing wrong, no one even comes close to the British empire! As for whether they give it to the Indians or the Chinese is their decision to make. If you had kept yourself abreast of this issue, you’d know they’re keen on exploring their options with the USA, which presently has a military base in Diego Garcia. Zem Roo Because Mauritius has no military power to bargain unlikely HK which Beijing gave London ultimatum to give up island or war.

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