The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know

The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know

The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know




The anticipation surrounding Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie The Batman — Part II is high.

The Batman 2 was officially announced in early 2023 as part of DC Studios’ upcoming offerings in the coming years.

The much-talked-about sequel will be a continuation of the first movie, and exist in its own universe—despite the incoming DCU reboot under James Gunn and Peter Safran.

When Will The Batman 2 Release?

The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know

Currently, the release date for The Batman – Part II is set for October 3, 2025.

As of earlier this year, production was set to begin in November.

Sadly, since then, two different strikes have hit the industry from both the Writer’s Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA. Both of these movements will drastically affect Reeves’ sequel, which will almost certainly delay the movie.

This led to reports claiming that filming now won’t be starting until March 2024.

While it’s possible that the movie could still make its original 2025 release date, given how far away it is, fans should prepare for delays.

Progress has been made behind the scenes, however. Reeves previously shared that Greig Frasier will once again serve as cinematographer for Part II.

DC Studios co-lead James Gunn previously shared that Batman II is “coming out as early as it possibly can” and that Reeves will be given the proper time to “make it as great as possible.”

In September 2023, Variety claimed that Warner Bros. Discovery is set to prioritize Matt Reeves’ work on concluding The Batman 2‘s script after the Writers Guild of America strike has been resolved, indicating that the sequel could still be released in its 2025 premiere date.

The Batman 2 Cast: Who Will Return?

Robert Pattinson – Bruce Wayne/Batman

The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know

As one might expect going into a Batman film, Bruce Wayne will return, with Robert Pattinson in the titular role.

By the end of The Batman, Bruce’s crusade as the Dark Knight remains as important as ever, but the billionaire has learned to embrace his public face just a little bit more. While the city’s relationship with the hero will always be rocky, the reach of Wayne’s philanthropy is growing as Gotham is rebuilt.

Andy Serkis – Alfred Pennyworth

The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know

Alongside Robert Pattinson’s Batman, Andy Serkis’ Alfred Pennyworth is the only other confirmed cast member for The Batman 2 at this time.

Given he’s a key supporting character in Bruce Wayne’s world, his return isn’t surprising.

Zoë Kravitz – Selina Kyle/Catwoman

The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know

It’s unknown if Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman will return, but in all honestly, she would make for the most organic absence out of the rest of the cast. After all, she did leave Batman to start anew at the end of the first movie

Colin Farrell – Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin

The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know

While not confirmed yet, Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot is expected to reprise his role as the notorious gang leader. This appearance would follow his upcoming Max streaming series, The Penguin.

It would certainly be strange for Warner Bros. to create an entire spinoff project for the character and then not have him return for Robert Pattinson’s sequel.

Paul Dano – The Riddler

The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know

Despite being apprehended in his debut film, Paul Dano’s Riddler is expected to return in some capacity for the sequel. Though, like most other cast members, his involvement is not official.

The actor did previously reveal that if Part II wanted to explore The Riddler more, he’d “probably be there.”

Jeffrey Wright – James Gordon

The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know

Where there’s Batman, there’s Gotham, and with Gotham comes Commissioner Gordon. So, while the character isn’t in any of Part II’s official announcements yet, audiences shouldn’t doubt for a second that Jeffrey Wright’s detective will be back.

Barry Keoghan – The Joker

The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know

While Matt Reeves has not confirmed Joker’s role in any of his future Batman projects, Barry Keoghan is expected to return for the next film.

Though the director has warned against fans assuming the Clown Prince of Crime will be Part II’s main villain.

The Batman 2 Villain: Who Will It Be?

The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know

A report from Deadline indicated that Reeves’ Batman – Part II will see the villainous Clayface play a major role in the sequel.

It’s unclear which version of the character would be adapted—whether it be the literal shape-shifting clay monster or the non-supernatural vengeful stage actor who is mad that one of his iconic films is getting a reboot.

Pattinson previously voiced how he’d love to see a “grounded” version of Mr. Freeze, something the actor believes “could be really powerful.” The star also advocated for the Court of Owls, a criminal secret elite society that operates in the shadows of Gotham City and has done so for hundreds of years.

Other possible villains who were directly teased in the first film include Hush, Bane, Two-Face, and the Trigger Twins.

With Paul Dano’s Riddler and Collin Farrell’s Penguin rumored to appear, fans should expect them to factor into the proceedings in some fashion as well.

Then, of course, there’s Barry Keoghan’s Joker. Many speculate that he’ll remain in a smaller role for Part II, letting someone else take the spotlight as the main antagonist.

What Will Happen in The Batman 2?

The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know

It is unknown what will happen in The Batman — Part II, given its extensive list of expected cast members. At the very least, it’ll undoubtedly be juggling a lot.

One would have to imagine that Bruce Wayne’s millionaire side will be more out in the open than in the first film. It’s something Robert Pattinson’s hero has now embraced more fully so that part of it won’t be neglected like it was in his debut.

If Clayface is the villain of choice, and he is a former actor, perhaps that’ll lead to the antagonist being equally involved in both sides of Bruce Wayne’s life—rich people and big-time actors tend to mix.

With both Joker and Riddler in prison, the movie will probably find a way to make them necessary to the overarching plot. Batman might need to pay them both a visit for similar reasons why he dropped by the Joker’s cell in the first movie

Then there’s the Penguin—whose underground connections could easily play into a larger story if, say, The Court of Owls gets put into the spotlight for Part II.

Does the Batman 2 Connect to James Gunn’s DC Universe?

The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know

Matt Reeves’ The Batman — Part II will not be part of the upcoming DCU reboot. Instead, it will continue to live in its own universe and be marketed under the Elseworlds label, just like The Joker 2.

Reeves previously shared that “the Batverse thing… is kind of its own thing [James Gunn and Peter Safran] are letting [them] dop.”

Safran also stated in the past that they are “fully invested in the success of The Batman just like we are everything else,” despite it having no relation to the wider DCU plans.

The Batman 2 Trailer: When Will it Come Out?

The Batman 2: Release Cast & Everything We Know

The first trailer for The Batman landed in August 2020, nineteen months before the movie finally arrived in theaters. Though to be fair, that large gap is entirely due to COVID and its wide-reaching delays throughout the entertainment industry at the time.

The second trailer was released at DC FanDome in October 2021, five months before the movie’s release date. This is more in line with the usual time frame between a project and its first trailer.

If the sequel stays on track for a release on October 3, 2025, then somewhere between four to five months prior would be a good time to expect a trailer to debut.

Funny enough, that timing makes San Diego Comic-Con 2025 the perfect time and place for Warner Bros. to start promoting the project.

The Batman is streaming on Max.

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