The CW’s Cancelled DC Multiverse Crossover Revealed by Actor

The CW's Cancelled DC Multiverse Crossover Revealed by Actor

The CW’s Cancelled DC Multiverse Crossover Revealed by Actor



A promising crossover almost happened between Stargirl and other DC TV shows, such as Arrowverse’s The Flash.

While Stargirl was unceremoniously canceled by The CW, the Brec Bassinger-led series managed to deliver a worthwhile ending in Season 3.

In addition, it also featured a mini crossover with The Flash when John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick appeared in two episodes (including the finale) and a surprise yet brief return for Stargirl in Titans Season 4.

Scrapped Crossover Plan for Stargirl Revealed

The CW's Cancelled DC Multiverse Crossover Revealed by Actor
The CW’s Cancelled DC Multiverse Crossover Revealed by Actor

During an appearance at Starfury Conventions, DC star Brec Bassinger confirmed, via Discussing Film’s Ben Rolph, that an Arrowverse crossover between Stargirl and The Flash was discussed by The CW series’ writers before ultimately getting scrapped.

While Jay Garrick did appear in Stargirl, some fans have been clamoring for Grant Gustin’s Flash to cross the Multiverse and head into Blue Valley.

Bassinger also revealed during the Q&A portion that the plan for Stargirl Season 4 – which was abandoned as well – was to explore DC Multiverse, crossing over with other superhero shows following this storyline set-up in Titans’ recent season.

In a previous interview, Bassinger pointed out that there are “talks going on” about a “small crossover cameo situation,” though “nothing specific” to The Flash happened:

“So I do know just talking to Geoff [Johns], our showrunner…nothing specific to ‘The Flash.’ But [there are] other things, there [are] still talks going on [about] a small crossover cameo situation. And we’re actually working on schedules, so I’m hoping it works out because, clearly, last time it did not. But I’d say stay optimistic they’re still pushing for it.”

Although the show has been canceled by The CW, Bassinger expressed hopes of doing a Stargirl-focused movie set in the DCU at some point in the future.

Predicting the Story of The Flash & Stargirl’s Crossover

Seeing a Multiverse-focused Stargirl story would’ve definitely opened exciting possibilities for the Brec Bassinger-led series.

The Flash Season 9’s final crossover with Arrow revealed that Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen was made aware that the Multiverse exists after being in the dark about its existence after the Criss on Infinite Earths event.

This reveal would’ve set up future Multiverse storylines where Gustin’s Scarlet Speedster will likely be involved.

If Stargirl Season 4 would’ve been greenlit, then the crossover with The Flash that was supposed to happen in earlier seasons could’ve been made.

It’s possible that the crossover would feature a similar story that happened between the first meeting between Gustin’s Flash and Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl.

During that episode, Flash accidentally traveled to Supergirl’s Earth-38, which eventually set up many appearances from the Girl of Steel in the wider Arrowverse.

There’s a chance that the scrapped crossover beThe CW’s Cancelled DC Multiverse Crossover Revealed by Actortween Flash and Stargirl could’ve ended up doing the same thing for Courtney Whitmore. Sadly, it never happened.

Stargirl Season 3 is available to stream on The CW app.

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