Will Trent: New Season 2 Release Date Schedule of Episodes on ABC & Hulu

Will Trent: New Season 2 Release Date Schedule of Episodes on ABC & Hulu

Will Trent: New Season 2 Release Date Schedule of Episodes on ABC & Hulu




ABC confirmed the remaining Season 2 release schedule of the hit police drama Will Trent.

Based on the bestselling series of crime novels by Karin Slaughter, the ABC series follows Special Agent Will Trent as he endeavors to make a difference in any way he can, solving crimes and chasing leads in the greater Atlanta area.

Season 2 kicked off on February 20 following its renewal almost a year ago. The series would have gotten underway sooner; however, it was one of the many projects held up by both the writers’ and actors’ strikes that ground Hollywood to a halt in 2023.

When Will Trent Season 2 Releases on ABC & Hulu

Will Trent: New Season 2 Release Date Schedule of Episodes on ABC & Hulu

Following the hit drama’s Season 2 premiere, ABC confirmed the release schedule for the next few episodes of Will Trent and when they will stream on Hulu.

According to the network, Will Trent will continue with its Tuesday night release timing, with the next two episodes both falling into the same Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. CT slot as the Season 2 premiere.

ABC only confirmed the release dates for the next two episodes (Episodes 2 and 3); the next two chapters in the Will Trent story will hit TV screens on Tuesday, February 27 and Tuesday, March 5.

All new Will Trent episodes are available to stream on the Disney-owned Hulu platform as well, hitting the streamer one day after their linear TV release.

That means for the rest of the season, fans looking to get their fix of Ramón Rodríguez’s clever detective on Hulu can do so on Wednesdays after each episode’s Tuesday night ABC premiere.

Below is the Hulu release schedule for the first three episodes of Will Trent Season 2:

  • Episode 1 – Wednesday, February 21
  • Episode 2 – Wednesday, February 28
  • Episode 3 – Wednesday, March 6

What Will Happen Next in Will Trent Season 2?

Will Trent returned to TV screens with a bang on February 20. The Season 2 premiere saw Ramón Rodríguez’s titular police officer taking on the mystery of an Atlanta car bombing, and the only way of uncovering who perpetrated this heinous act seems to be the imprisoned serial killer James Ulster (Greg Germann).

While Will Trent traditionally tells bite-sized mystery-of-the-week-style stories, this Season 2 premiere could set up a serialized thread that will connect everything in this next batch of episodes.

In the Season 1 finale, it was revealed Ulster was responsible for the death of Special Agent Trent’s mother, and the reason he is an orphan. It was also insinuated that Ulster may be Will’s biological father, a revelation even the hardened detective is still grappling with.

This Season 2 premiere could hint at an interesting twist headed for this next chapter in the Will Trent story.

The series’ leading man may be forced to now work alongside someone he despises so fervently, as it seems Ulster is the only way forward for the team at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on the case of Episode 1’s tragic car bombing.

Season 2 of Will Trent continues with new episodes released every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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